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Corvallis, MT 59828

About Us

Jeremy Shields is a AWS certified welder with 25 years of experience. He founded JS Ironworks in 2013 in order to focus his work on the creative aspects of his lifetime career. His love of the outdoors and wildlife were the foundation of his first creative pieces. As a native of the Olympic Peninsula, he has developed a deep understanding of the natural beauty of his own backyard, leading to an artisanal standard that is truly "American Handcrafted".


Made in Montana

Montana is legendary for its natural beauty, spectacular landscapes and expansive, open skies. The splendor of the state is reflected in the products made and grown here from fine arts, crafts, foods, agricultural and wood products to tools, machinery, software, and high-tech materials - and we want to make sure the world knows it. At JS Ironworks everything is Montana made! We are also Montana made registered. Check out their website for more information.


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